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From Pastor Theuns. Because of the pandemic we all faced a terrible disconnect from people in our community. In my prayer time I received a strategy to help our community to re-connect. Our leadership agreed and our first community garden started in 2021. Gardening is a way to get to know members of our community and to show the love of Christ in a tangible way


A Community gardens is “a beautiful way to bring people together, grow your own food and share knowledge and lifelong skills” They are good for the environment, support neighborhood development and provide educational opportunities. Community gardens can be a great tool for churches to provide important resources to the people they serve.

This garden is also about reconnecting people with how food is grown and produced, and also has the potential to be a public health intervention for the community.


We are excited to have Klaudia Batten as our project manager. Gardening is one of her passions. She is a hard worker and has many exciting ideas for this garden.

She is currently building a team, if you want to get involved please get in touch.

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