Meet our team of passionate leaders

Our Pastors

Theuns Myburgh

Lead Pastor

Theuns and Nastasya emigrated from South Africa in 2007. They have two children Dominique and Joshua. Theuns and Nastasya have been in full time church leadership and ministry since 2003. Theuns is a ordained minister under Christian International Global Network. They love to encourage and equip believers to live a Kingdom-centered lifestyle. Theuns have a powerful Prophetic ,healing and deliverance ministry. His passion is to help others encounter the power of a loving God through His Holy Spirit. They have ministered and pioneered church plants in other nations and are continually mentoring and equipping leaders to find their identity and calling in Christ Jesus.

Ruan and Katherine Swart

Young Adults Pastors

Ruan and Katherine Swart are the Young Adults Pastors at Ignite Faith Centre. They passionately encourage young people to be dependent on God by pursuing Him with all of their hearts. They are great encouragers and they love to help people grasp a deep revelation of their identity in God and working out their calling. Their mission in life is to equip others to experience the future that God has for them. Katherine is the worship leader of the church and loves to help people engage in deep and sincere worship.

Simon and Hannah White

Youth Pastors

Simon and Hannah are passionate about training and equipping children and youth to walk in their gifts and to go out into the world to do God’s will. Simon and Hannah love God and ministering in the Holy Spirit freely, studying the bible and prayer. They enjoy teaching children and youth about God in a fun, exciting way, while also raising them to be strong disciples.

Pastoral Support

Theunis & Debbie Lange

Service Coordinators

Theunis and Debbie immigrated from South Africa. They have a desire to help people feel loved and accepted. They are an honorable, steadfast, and loving family and always willing to help people. They lead by example without compromising their love for God and people. They also run a connect group in Albany.  

Peter and Maxine Gostick

Care and support

Peter and Maxine have been at Ignite Faith church since the very start of the church. They are true examples to young and old, always showing a loving attitude and eager to serve others. They are humble and kind and absolutely sold out for Jesus. They  help take care of the older generation in our church Family. 

Leon and Marlise Steyn

Prayer ministry

Leon and Marlise are our intercession coordinators. They help oversee the prayer ministry.  Leon and Marlise loves to reach out to people in need. They are always ready to support those with a need of breakthrough. They passionately communicate and demonstrate the power of prayer in all they do. 

Alan and Raewyn Meikle

Community care

Alan and Raewyn oversee our community care ministry. They have a real passion to minister to broken people. They love to reach out and connect   people with the local church. They are very generous and humble in Spirit. They are true demonstrators of the love of Jesus.

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Sunday Service 10AM at Ignite Faith Centre
5 Link Crescent, Arkles Bay, Auckland

Phone: (09) 424 0502

Email: office@livingfaith.org.nz